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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Apple Charlotte recipes online

Email from Sister Bets...

From: Betsy Speare
Sent: Saturday, December 24, 2011 9:18 PM
Subject: Merry Christmas - Apple Charlotte Recipes on line!

Hello friends and family…

We are hoping this email finds you safe and warm and hugging  your closest family and friends.   The holiday season has been both sweet and sad this year as we have all been missing Mom (Char) and her delicious approach to making the holidays great.  So to celebrate her contribution,  Johnny (son of Char), Andy Camp (my fiancĂ©e) and Alex Wetmore (awesome friend) began working on a web site where we could look at Mom’s recipes.

Johnny found the recipes and gave them to Alex.  Andy saw the list and decided to build a website – he’s been a total saint taking my input which usually starts with “…Mom would hate that...”  Sort of hard to argue with.  Anyway – he’s got a big pile of ideas including the ability for us to add our own recipes (while still keeping mom’s pristine) as well as being able to add comments & pictures to the recipes as well as the website.

So here we are.  For me, the biggest gift will be seeing your comments and thoughts – which recipes you are using, why, how they turned out and what your favorites are.  I have a feeling this will be the part Mom is watching as well!   Just use the “share your thoughts” button on the right side…

In the 4 weeks or so since we’ve been working on it I’m finding myself using it 2-3 times a week and it’s been great!  The ingredient search is awesome and gives you good ideas.  Andy has added a “10 Random Recipe” button that gives you 10 of the over 1200 recipes we have online.    One disclaimer… we haven’t edited these recipes AT ALL – you’ll be a bit of a test kitchen – please send us any issues/problems you find and we’ll update the recipe.   Seriously – we used to giggle with Mom at some of the errors in her homemade cook books – she would just wave her hand and say – “oh you guys – you’ll be fine…” and she’s right – we will be…    Last, I considered recommending that Marty be the recipient of some of your cooking, but he’d kill me, so let’s just stick to the apple pies for him, unless it’s super low fat/low carb. J

For Christmas Dinner this year, we couldn’t bear to try to re-create Mom’s dinner, so Johnny and I agreed that Mom’s BBQ meatloaf would be the best idea for us…  let us know what you start using when you visit Apple Charlotte Cooking (click here!).

Consider this Mom’s Christmas Present to all of us…  we send you all our love and warm wishes…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

p.s.  please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might enjoy it, I’m sure I’ve missed some people.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back me up here

I have three Spokane food-related memories that I think most people don't believe. I'm looking for someone to back me up on these.

In order of believability.

#1 -- Peppers and onions used to be free toppings at Pizza Rita
This is the easiest one. I think that if you ask for it free, they'll still do this. I could be wrong, but they hooked me up on this deal recently... seems like less than 5 years ago. But back in the 90's when you ordered a pizza, "do you want free peppers and onions on that?" was a standard question they'd ask.

#2 -- Chicken liver bolognese at The Spaghetti Factory
The title says it all. I remember when we moved to Cheney in about 1977(?) or so and going to the Spaghetti Factory and Chicken liver bolognese was a standard menu item. I was psyched. I've had a thing for chicken livers since I was a wee lad. And I would be super psyched if that menu item came back as 40 year old.

#3 -- The old number 33 at The Onion: The Sundae Burger
Yep. Picture a bun with a hamburger patty, with a big scoop of ice cream covered in hot fudge, whipped cream, slivered almonds, and a cherry. Served open-faced. No one believes this one. My immediate family remembers it, because I was so excited to have such a perfect food: hot/cold, sweet/savory... And the waiters were always amazed that I actually ordered it, since it was basically a gag item stashed away on the menu. We're going back to the late 70's, early 80's on this one too.

Anyone remember any of these? My wife and daughter think I'm full of it. Especially on the #33.