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Monday, March 28, 2011

Wood Sorrel

I grew up munching on this wild green that grows all over the California bay area. We had it growing in our yard in San Jose, CA, where I lived until I was 8. On hot days, my friends and I would eat stalk after stalk. My mom called them "agrodolce," which is Italian for bitter sweets. Apparently they are common in Italy too.

Now I've come to know this wild green as Wood Sorrel. It is a tart and juicy little plant that's very thirst quenching. The leaves and flowers are edible as well. Oxalic acid (think rhubarb) makes it sour, and you wouldn't want to eat pounds of it because it would destroy your tooth enamel and might give you a gut ache.

Good in salads, on sandwiches, or make a soup with it. Otherwise, if you're on a ride this spring/summer, give it a try. Disclaimer: do some research and never eat something you cannot positively identify! I wouldn't want you to eat something toxic! A helpful, but not definitve guide from Landscape America.

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