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Monday, November 1, 2010

First post

I do a lot of riding around. I carry on about it on my cycling blog. One of the greatest things about riding a lot is being able to eat a lot. I love food and I love the social aspect of eating with friends and family or even alone in spots that I like.

I've been lucky my whole life on the food front. My mom was an incredible cook. So was her mom. And my great-grandmother too. My mom passed on a love of cooking and eating to me that I'll always treasure.

My wife's mom, who grew up in pre-war Sicily, is a great cook. She lives with us and does some cooking and teaches me stuff.

Spokane is full of great little spots. We're no Seattle, San Francisco, or NYC when it comes to breadth and scope , but this region has a lot of people who are passionate about food. As I type this, I can think of a couple dozen people off the top of my head that are interested and interesting when it comes to food.

Like other NW cities, Spokane has a great appreciation for good beer and coffee. Both of which I count as weaknesses. I f'ing love beer. I f'ing love coffee.

I think the posts on this blog will fall into four categories: places, people, beer, cooking

This will likely take the form of a restaurant review. The Review, the Inlander, and a few blogs in town do some reviews, but they usually aren't too interesting to me. I prefer less animal products than most reviewers that write stuff here. I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't eat hardly any meat and I take it easy on the dairy products. The reason behind this is mainly for how crappy I feel when I eat cow-pig-poultry products, but I do also struggle a bit with the ethical implications of eating animals.
So, my reviews will focus on what's the good "bikey" food items on the menu. And to me, "bikey" means relatively healthy, low/no meat and dairy, not fried, etc. Eg, something you can eat and then feel ok riding 20 or so miles on.

If you think about it, everyone is serious about food. I saw a guy named Paul, who is mostly homeless, picking apples off the Centennial trail the other day. Homeless dudes are serious about food. Maybe in a different way than I am, but who doesn't get excited about some kind of food?
Maybe I'll interview these serious food people. But probably not: I'll probably just take shots of them and offer up a quick story.

I feel fortunate to live within walking (stumbling?) distance of Benidittos. These guys always have at least 1 interesting beer on tap. I don't know what I'll say about beers, because I really don't know the lingo, but I can't see how this blog wouldn't have beer tags.

I used cook a lot more than I do now. If I could squeeze a bit more time out of my life, then it would go first to baking bread, then to general cooking. I'm working on the big squeeze plan and hopefully I'll have time to get back into more cooking soon.
The cooking posts will be recipes or discussions about specific cooking dishes. The cooking posts may also include events.

I'm really going to be disciplined about tagging the posts too. Really!

So that's the plan.

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