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Friday, November 5, 2010


Taste is a solid downtown joint.

Everything is high quality and fresh. When they first opened they had this great seed/nut/cheese loaf thing that rocked my world. But I never see it there anymore, so I usually go for the 3 salad combo plate. It comes with a nice little roll. It's $10. By the time you add a cookie, which requires a coffee, you're coming in around $15 before tip. It's counter service, so the grinch in me wants to short the tip, but the ex-food server in me always ponies up the 20%, so lunch ends up being nearly a $20 affair. So I don't land at Taste unless I can talk Liza into meeting me there for lunch... then she can have lunch and split the cookie with me. Everyone wins.

How's that for post-ride lovin?

Anyway, aside from lots of fresh, yummy, simple salads, there's lots of non-meat options here: there's an $8 egg salad sandwich that I'd like to try some day when I'm feeling flush. Note sandwiches come with salad (or maybe a soup?), so it's actually a damn good deal, considering the overall quality.

There is always a hard choice to make when it comes to baked goodies at Taste. I dig the kind of baked goods that they have there. Often places that feel like Taste feels, have cases full of fussy, expensive desserts that look really good but are just ok/average in the flavor department. Taste delivers. I have a hard time saying no to the butterscotch-oatmeal cookie. Good lord, with a cup of coffee, that shit delivers.

Speaking of coffee. Taste has a passable cup of drip -- not great, but no need to fall back to an Americano. They brew Doma. I think refills are a quarter. No self-serve, which can be annoying when there's a line stacked up at the register.

Bike parking: I lock up to the meter outside the front window and then sit at the window-facing counter to eat and gaze upon my bike's glory. There's a new rack just north, a couple doors down, if you don't feel a need to watch your bike.

Water solution: Ideal. In a jug with ice. Self-serve so that no ice gets in your bottle. Water solution is perfect in every way.


  1. Yes, I know that nut loaf. I didn't know they didn't have it anymore. I have been getting the bobotie and the salads. When I'm feeling generous I splurge for a half-dozen or so of her ganache-filled chocolate chip cookies for work.