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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kim's Korean Restaurant

As the weather turns colder, I find myself going to Kim's more often. I think Kim's may be my favorite restaurant in town. It's definitely right up there. Great food, good value, super nice owner-operators.

Korean cuisine is a meat lover's paradise. I like going here with lots of people to try a bite here and there of the meat dishes, but my favorite is the fish stew with tofu. There are clams, mussels, prawns, mini shrimp (whole), and sometimes a bit of fish cake in there. There are also veggies and big chunks of tofu. It comes to your table in a boiling cauldron of greatness. The idea is to eat it with spoonfuls of boiled rice.

It's a great winter dish with a bit of spice and works wonders for oncoming colds. It's $10.

Korean meals are rad since you get all the little dishes with the main course. I love them all the little dishes of food. Good stuff. And hot tea. All for $10! All up with tip and tax you're out the door for under $15.

Bike parking is good. The front of the shop is all window. Park against the window. Water comes to the table in a big jug, and you get hot tea. Goodness.

Introduce yourself to Chung, one of the owners, and she'll remember your name and your meal forever.

It's on Sharpe and Division. I'm tagging this as a "downtown" place, which pushes the boundaries of downtown into John-fantasy-definition. But it's not North. Maybe Gonzaga?


  1. One of our all time favorites. Lou Franchino hooked us up with this. We probably go there twice a month. I love Chung.

  2. We just discovered Kim's last weekend and now it's our favorite spot in Spokane! :-)